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What is Brand Power? Why Brand Power?

What is Brand Power?

In short, Brand Power aims to provide you with rational information about grocery products to help you make a more informed purchase when you’re at the supermarket.

Brand Power is a unique advertising vehicle that’s quite different to many of the other ads you’ll see on television. Below, you can find out about Brand Power in a little more detail.

Who Sponsors Brand Power?

Brand Power is an advertising vehicle sponsored and paid for by leading manufacturers.

Brand Power produces television commercials, campaigns and flyers that inform consumers of the features and benefits of products – in a very clear and easy to understand style.

A strict criteria of content and accuracy has been developed by Brand Power.

What is Brand Power trying to achieve?

Brand Power is an advertising product used by leading manufacturers and their advertising agencies as a different method for promoting their brands. It’s different from traditional advertising as it focuses on providing rational information about grocery products. The aim of Brand Power television commercials, informative catalogues, even this web site, is to provide you with ‘Facts and Value’ through information.

Why Brand Power?

What makes Brand Power appealing to manufacturers and their advertising agencies is its ability to provide detailed explanation to shoppers. In particular, Brand Power draws shoppers’ attention to facts that weren’t previously known. We like to think that Brand Power treats shoppers with respect by providing useful information that helps when it comes time to decide which product to take from the supermarket shelf.

Who is behind Brand Power?

Brand Power is an advertising service owned by Buchanan Group. Buchanan Group also has created other Informative advertising services. They are Infotalk, Great Chef’s Show You How, MediFacts and Zoot Review. Each of these advertising services sets out to provide viewers with information to help them make purchase decisions across a variety of product categories.